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How to Start Online Radio Station Legally | Start radio online Legally

How to start internet radio stations Legally in India?

To Start FM Radio Station you have to get permission from MIB (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting India). No one is entitled to give this license except the MIB. So Broadcasting via Transmitter is not permitted by the MIB. It is illegal.

It`s easy to Start Internet Radio Station

To start an Internet Radio Station, there is no license required from the MIB since there is no spectrum or no Frequency is required. The Internet Radios use the user’s internet connection for which the user is already paying. So as of now the MIB has nowhere mentioned any license for Starting an Internet Radio or Online Radio Station.

To start an internet radio station, you will need Riggro Digital`s internet radio hosting & Automation software to schedule your music.

Internet Radio Stations- Riggro Digital

Thus, starting an Internet Radio is extremely simple process & you can refer to Riggro Digital Internet Radio Broadcasting guide or Call us on

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