Make your own internet radio station with Riggro Digital!

Smart Features of Riggro Digital Internet radio Stations:

Start your online radio station

Do direct Live shows from your Smart phone:

Do direct Live shows from your Smart phones mike from anywhere in the world. Our Apps encode the audio to studio quality. Great for going Live on Air any time, do OB shows, for RJs & community members who cannot actually visit studios. You can also record the audio in your phones sd card with complete control your radio station from your smart phone!

Bare metal cloud servers for your Broadcast-

This all could be possible because of our Hi power, bare metal cloud servers that gives complete Radio Automation solution to play audio stream on even basic internet connection without buffer, with up to 100 GB hard disc space, Unlimited Band width, dedicated 16 GB Ram, easy scheduling software’s, Auto DJ & your personal control panels.

Switch off your hardware’s & Your radio shall still be Live-

Now no expansive software’s needed! No need to again & again schedule your play list! No need to deploy staff after your working hours to monitor the broadcast. You neither need any physical computer, sound cards, mixers or multi band compressors any more for broadcasting! Simply upload all your music & content just once in our simple scheduler & let our Pro. Auto DJ Software’s do the rest for you! You can also directly do live shows, talk to your community from your personal laptop from your home or even your car! Simply press the “MIKE ON” button in your software that we provide you in your laptop & you’re “Live”. After your over with the talk or live from your laptop, you can just shutdown you laptop but your radio shall always be On Air!

We ensure your station is Live 24X7, nonstop!

Thus you not only save on your costs, but also broadcast 24 hours. So now your listeners don’t have to wait for your Broadcast hours to tune in.

At times it becomes extremely difficult & impossible for a CRS to bare huge overheads & expanses.

Working in the Radio sector since 2001, we have realized that there is a strong need of an automated system that cuts the entire extra operational costs, reduces the human errors & cuts down the extra the human resource that needs lot of financial support.

We have designed the most economical technology to simplify all your broadcasting needs, whether it may be commercial FM radios, CRS or even internet Android radios.

All our cloud servers are with fully automated control panels & our Radios Play across the Globe @ just 2kbps without Buffer on even 2G Networks in Dolby Crystal HD Stereo sound.

Free Android Radio App-

Now change the way you listen to a radio!

Order our automated cloud servers & get a FREE Android Radio App developed by the developers from the USA & India with a flawless Radio player that plays instantly when you launch the app with direct social connect & sleeps timer options in easy swipe mode! You can also display RJ profiles, show schedules; about us pages on your Radio App.

The traditional FM Radios are very limited till the FM range or the city limits.

But our Android Radios reach across the globe! So more the reach, more the revenue!

Since JIO has revolutionized the internet experience & made it Free. So, not really, is the internet a barrier in getting popularity for the internet radios! All our Android Radio apps are very appealing to the audience and we proud that we have achieved the top bench mark!

Our Android radios are world’s highest rated, highest community heard, & world’s most successful Radio Apps.

E.g. – Radio Jay Bhim– 100 Thousand downloads @ Google Play, 500 Thousand downloads via Google, Xender, share it, etc.





Our KVK Android campus Radio Shiva is India’s 1st Global Krishi Radio! The Agriculture Cabinet Minister Mr. Radha Mohan Sing has appreciated our efforts for the contribution in the agricultural sector for the alternative communications.





Over view on your running operational costs- Running an FM Radio station requires resources like studios, scheduling software’s, music scheduling staff, programming head, broadcast computers, sound cards, multi band compressors, Air conditioners, power backups, human resources, maintenance’s, etc.

Soundcards, hardware’s & computers may go faulty any time or face virus infections letting your station down to go off air any time! Operating your radio for 24 hours is a huge liability & dependency on power supply, over time staff & security guards salaries, utility, electricity bills, etc.

But with our digital cloud Radio services, you are always in safe hands! You have none of the above liabilities or expanses and most important you never go Off Air!

Thanks to Riggro Digital`s automated cloud Radio services that had simplified your broadcasting needs and reduced your expanses  to 90% ensuring next to impossible off airs.

So go ahead & call us immediately to subscribe to our services!

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