How can I make my own internet radio station?

Create Online Radio Station Free

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How to create online Radio Station Free (Most easy method, Step By Step)

Here is the most simplest method to create online radio station in 4 Simple steps with Riggro Digital. If you had ever dreamed to start your online radio but though though its gonna be terribly difficult, then you are wrong! Here is the Worlds number one online radio station creator just for you! We offer you simple yet most convenient methods for your online radio station streaming. So gear up to rock the world with the Words No. 1 online radio station creator: Riggro Digital. The magic will begin when you will hear your audio & your voice streaming on a browser & soon on your radio app.

So get ready to witness the magic of happy broadcasting with our online radio station creator.

Step 1- Check out our Radio Apps on the Google Play

Before you create online radio station, you must check, our internet radio apps on the Google Play!  So we recommend you to download our internet Radios like : Radio Jay Jinendra, Radio Namkin, Radio Dhadak, Radio Hills, Radio Ragini, Christian Visionary Radio and many radio apps at Google Play. Our online radio station creator ensure that your radio shall also rock the world.

Step no. 2- Select your Radio Station Plan

Once you have gone through our internet radio stations, you can go to our Pricing tab & select the plan that best fits your organization size & budget. You may call or whats app us on (91) 9757092220.

Step number 3- Get your Radio Hosting Server with Auto DJ Free

Once you subscribe, your Riggro Digital (RD) Radio Hosting server gets activated in some time! Your Licensed Scheduling software also gets activated along with your Shoutcast Server or Ice cast Server. Now you can immediately start broadcasting your radio on internet to the world.  Now its the time to create online radio station app for for you! Its free

Step # 4- Get Android App, Free

Once you create online radio station server, that means your radio is streaming on the web. But it is important to spread your media amongst the communities across the world! Therefore  we give you a stunning super responsive Android App FREE! We know that your digital radio must sound & play better then analogue radios! So significantly we have developed Zero buffer (Zero_BFR4) technology. That means your online radio will always play without buffering. It will Play in HD, Dolby HD stereo & Ultra HD (Blu ray) Sound! Moreover to add more colours to your life, we create your apps in your Stations Colors themes, Free!  For that we need your logo and app icon in the size of 512 X 512 Pixels. You may opt for our professional Logo & designing support at an additional cost. 

Start Internet radio station: Riggro Digital

How to Start online radio station and make money?

Here is the Quick guide to start an Internet radio and earn money. Our web radio apps comes with a Free Poster Ad space from where you can generate revenue for your station. Here in, you can display posters, programme schedules, local events, advertisements etc. You can link these Poster ads to the clients website, FB, youtube, etc.  We give you a secured admin panel with user ID & password. You can generate revenue by selling this premium ad space.
Start a Internet Radio Station legally & make Money with India's No. 1 Internet Radio Broadcaster- Riggro Digital (RD). To do so, you need powerful internet radio hosting servers. Therefore, we give you the power of our Four in One Internet radio Hosting servers. Our Servers are powered with Free automation software with Auto DJ! Thus we guarantee your station to be 99.99% Live and On air, 24X7!

Online audio streaming is the way of media in this age – it frees you from the limitations of traditional radio broadcasting.

Why choose to Start a Internet Radio Station?

So far, we have had physical radio stations, with almost every small or big city having at least one, if not more. As the name clearly indicates, internet radio station works through the net. It is just like another website or a radio app accessible from any corner of the world, through internet. Unlike a physical radio station, which often transmits programs with irritating accompanying noise, the programs relayed by an online station are free of all undesirable noises and disturbances. The most convenient part of such stations is the fact that you could listen to your favorite program from anywhere. Just download your favorite Internet radio station and enjoy your preferred program anytime you like.

Here’s why it’s a good idea to start internet radio station?

1) It does not matter where you are situated in the world. You can reach the people across the world!

2) The costs of broadcasting over the internet are lesser than traditional FM radio. You do not need to pay any spectrum charges to the government, to start a internet radio station.

3) You can offer more than audio – You can have interactivity with Images, news papers & social media like: a Youtube channel, FB, Twitter, whats app etc.

4) There is a wide range of content available to you, from various sources, especially free as well paid.! We guide you, how to get the legal content, Free!

5) We provide Free  automation & scheduling for human-less broadcasting.


Minimum requirements you will need to start a internet radio station will include: Laptop or a desktop, mixer, 2 microphones, digital audio card, and a streaming media server.


Since you dont use spectrum form the Government of India to broadcast a Internet Radio, eventually web radio is 100% Legal! But, it is important to consider the music royalty to play content legally on your radio. Thus, you must communicate with the music licencing authorities.

Get the best Automation Software, Free

All our Plans above Rs. 1500, includes Free radio automation and scheduling software. This eventually save lot of manpower and reduces  efforts in day to day scheduling! This not only gives you the complete control of your radio station, but also reduces human dependencies. You can easily schedule your music, shows and interviews in few clicks.
Start Interent radio station & Make Money
Start Internet radio station and Make Money

Get Free Training from Our FM Radio Professionals

Since we want all our stations to Rock, our professional Programming team gives Free training and support on starting, managing and running a internet radio station. Thus you handle your programming very easily and your radio sounds much professional & international. Our in-house radio experts have more than 20 years of experience in the FM Radios & CRS. So you get Free guidance on content generation, Live shows, editing, handling phone in programmes. You also get Free support in sales and marketing.

Eventually whether you are a one man army or a full fledge Media House, its extremely easy to start & run your internet radio station with Riggro Digital (RD)!

Smart Phone Broadcast

Your internet radio station comes with a Free Smartphone broadcasting facility. This is very handy yet most powerful tool for your immediate Live broadcasting in HD Sound quality. This is very helpful for Live shows, Community broadcast and Outdoor broadcasting (OB). 
You can directly Go Live from your smartphones microphone! Thus, you skip the dependencies of the soundproof studios and gadgets!

So what are you waiting for? Get empowered with Riggro Digital`s powerful Internet Radio Hosting servers with Auto DJ and Start an Radio Station, Legally & Make Money!

Call or Whats app on- (91) 9757092220.

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How to Easily Start an Internet Radio Station – for Free!

Do you have aspirations to be a radio broadcaster? Would you like to share your favorite tunes interspersed with a few words as to why you like them, or share other tidbits of wisdom on the airwaves? While you can start your own TV channel with YouTube, or launch a podcast and make it available

How to easily start an internet radio station for free.

How to Create an Internet RInternet radio Station

Three Parts: Setting Up Your Gear Configuring the Software Designing Your Station Community Q&A Internet radio stations are accessible from anywhere in the world. This makes it a popular service for expatriates and for listeners with interests not adequately served by local radio stations. Internet radio stations offer content across genres that is simulcast over the web.