Riggro Digital

Research & Upgrades

Research & upgrades on the USP of station to cope up the competition and build better listeners base. Optimizing resources utilization resulting listener’s delight and creating client influence

Co-ordinate with your teammates

Co-ordinate with sound engineers, producers, script writers, Radio jockeys to work on the local shows, promos, concepts, station Ids, exclusives, sparklers, jingles, etc to keep updates ready for the forthcoming Fabrics.

Client Relationship Management

Ensuring maximum customer satisfaction by closely working on the programming & production with the marketing team. Interacting with the potential clients to understand their requirements and accordingly customizing the productions.

We Simply the process of starting your Radio Station


Call Us & Provide us Your Requirement

The first step is to figure out what you want to broadcast! For most, the answer is live stream music. Others may want to include talking, preaching, and news or just be a radio host! It’s your station, and you can do whatever you want.


Select a Plan

Decide the best plan that suits your budget. If you are confused simply call, whats app, SMS or email us. We shall be more then eager to speak to you personally & help you on getting you Live on Air at the most earliest within just 7 days & get you start your own Media channel.


Increase your Listners

We will help you increase your listener by promoting your channel on our Network.


Decide your favorite ice cast

Decide your favorite ice cast or shout cast internet radio services & order the best radio stream plan!
We shall give you the best training & help you to be the Best Internet radio broadcaster in the World!
So call our radio professional right now, & stream online radio stations of your choice!

Riggro Digital

Riggro Digital is India’s No. 1 Internet Radio & Online Radio streaming services. All our Radios plays flawless without buffering in Dolby HD Stereo. We have millions of listeners who listen to music online on our Streaming Servers! The internet is so easily available & almost Free. Smart Phones have become the most powerful Media in every hand. The demand for the Creating internet radios & Listening to online music is growing at a rapid rate.

Quality & Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority

We believe that the customer satisfaction is a top priority for any institution. We are available from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM- Monday to Saturday (Regular Plans). (24X7 support for Premium Plans & Exceptional cases)

  • Plays flawless even on 2G networks.
  • Without buffering & Plays Dolby HD Stereo.
  • Free Android Radios App that connects to social media.
  • We Provide you full support, you are just a call away

Try out 2-days trial

Try out our Service for Free for 2 Days, and then plan out for one of our Premium Service that best suits you.

Fully compatible 

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