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Radio station online streaming made easy for FM Radios & Community radios.

Cut down your Operational Cost of your FM radios up to 90% with our innovation- “CRS Cloud Automation Broadcasting”.

  • No physical hardware’s required for transmission to the Broadcast equipment!
  • No or minimal Physical & human dependency!
  • Convenience of doing Live Shows from anywhere in the world.
  • Directly Broadcast Talk Shows, OB, Live Shows from your smart phone in crystal studio sound quality without dependency on computers, scheduling- broadcasting softwares!
  • Direct People Talking to the People & Direct Voice to the voiceless!

We are India`s no. 1st & leading Android Internet Radio broadcasting & automation solutions for Community Radios, Fm Radios or anyone who wants to broadcast Live to the World!

 With zero dependency you can broadcast your CRS & FM Radios, eventually cutting down the expanses on all the extra hardware, electricity, gadgets & human resource.

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