How to start Internet radio station India

Learn- How to start internet radio station legally and Make Money, Fast: (Free Step-By-Step Guide)

Learn- How to start internet radio station legally and Make Money, Fast: (Free Step-By-Step Guide)

If you ever thought that you can only start an internet radio station legally, if you are a radio professional? Then you would be wrong! In this step by step guide, you shall learn simple techniques developed by Riggro Digital, to broadcast like a pro from home and make money, Fast.

Let`s hear it from our clients:

Mr. Raunak Siddharth (Gorakhpur) India was extremely worried & he had asked-

“How to set up an internet radio station? Can I really start it from my home? Will I succeed?”

The, Riggro Digital started his online radio station- Radio Vrishti
Learn- How to start internet radio station legally and Make Money, Fast: (Free Step-By-Step Guide)

This is the testimony of Ronak Siddharth`s after starting his web radio –

“I tried so many options, but Riggro Digital is the best in the world. They supported my Passion into a career & I have started my own online radio station. My subscription got me the World`s best free internet radio hosting along with the best internet radio software, Free! Now no off airs and no Buffering. Love you Riggro Digital”

-Ronak Siddharth, Gorakhpur, India

Mr. Gilbert Rosario, United Kingdom (UK) had asked –

“How to setup an online radio station? I am not in India,is it be possible to start in the UK?”

Riggro Digital started his online radio station- Life waves Radio
Learn- How to start internet radio station legally and Make Money, Fast: (Free Step-By-Step Guide)

Testimony of Gilbert after starting his online radio.

“I was completely confused about running my radio. But Riggro Digital gave me great support over video calls. They gave free radio training and now my online radio is on the top of the charts in UK. My listenership is growing and I making good money. Thanks Riggro Digital.”

– Mr. Gilbert Rosario, United Kingdom (UK)

Mrs. Rajeshwari Agam, Baramati, India, had asked –

“How to make an internet radio station in low budget?

Riggro Digital started her online radio station- Radio Ragini- India`s 1st Women’s web Radio Station.

After starting her radio station, this is what she replied on our email

“I had a very low budget I wanted to start my internet radio station free with Riggro Digital. I did. But when I subscribed, I got all the tools. I got the world’s best internet radio software and Free App. Thank you Riggro Digital”

-Mrs. Rajeshwari Agam, Baramati, India

Once your fixed, you need to start working in your project. The most basic step to understanding what kind of a radio hosting server would you like to host, depending on your budget and your organisation size.

Riggro Digital offers several radio streaming plans, starting at just Rs. 750 per month. The professional plans start at Rs.5500 per month, up to Rs.12500 per month. To know more, click Here.

Step 1.

Once you subscribe you get all the necessary tools required to start your web radio station.

What you Get?

You get the best internet radio hosting with the power of four in one Riggro Digital servers for powerful performance.

internet radio broadcasting facilities.

Once your radio hosting server is activated, your shoutcast or icecast server also gets activated. Simultaneously, your smart cloud automation broadcasting and scheduling software with auto DJ also gets activated.

Now you can start uploading your music and content through the control panel and start your server. Now, you can listen to your radio stream using the stream URL, either on browser or any app that can play the stream URL.

Our Free radio software comes with lots of professional features to schedule your radio programming for 24 hours clock. This broadcasting software can play your content non stop without any human dependency, once, scheduled.

Step 2.

Learn in-depth about the Internet Radio Station equipment list, before you Start Riggro digital radio broadcasting team can personally helps you execute your concept, design your studio, help you get the best online radio station equipments, understand your budget and accordingly help you start your online radio station.

know more. Detailed features of the broadcasting software.

Step 3.

Start broadcasting live. You can now upload your music and station identification content and start your server. You can create unlimited auto DJ accounts and give the access to your radio jockeys as per their time schedules.

They can upload their content on the virtual drive of the cloud radio server and schedule the shows as desired times. They can schedule advertisements station identification capsules sparklers and any other radio properties.

It is super easy to monitor the count of live listeners, total unique listeners, countries etc. This helps the RJ to understand how many listeners are there during his show. All the live statistics and reports can be generated in just one click.

Step 4.

Get free Android application. Once you subscribe to our online radio stream plans, we start processing your free Android application which can help you reach your communities across the world.

For that we need your logo and app icon in the size of 512 X 512 pixels.

How can you make Money from your app?

We believe that you must make money from your web radio station.

So you get premium banner space right in centre of your app, where you can display your advertisements, program schedules, upcoming events, etc.

This ad space is much more effective than any monetizable modules since you can collect local advertisements and make money immediately.

Internet Radio Station equipments and their list.