How to Start internet radio station legally -

Learn- How to start internet radio station legally from Home in 2020 (Free Step-By-Step Guide)

How to Start Internet Radio Station legally in 2020 (100% Authentic Step-By-Step Guide)​

Wondering, How to start an internet radio station legally in 2020? Follow this 100% Authentic Internet Radio guide by Riggro Digital!

Start & expand your reach from your town to the other side of the world. There are endless possibilities for having your own internet radio station. Start Now. Eventually, you can be your own boss right from your home. In addition, get the Worlds best internet radio broadcasting software, FREE. Furthermore, in this step by step guide, you shall learn more internet radio broadcasting techniques! So start your own internet radio station with Riggro Digital, Now!

Our Internet Radio Broadcasting Success Stories (Clients Testimonials):

Client # 1. Radio Vrishti- “Laye Jeevan Me Mishti”​

Mr. Raunak had several doubts about internet radio broadcasting. Correspondingly he had asked- “How to get the best internet radio server?” On the positive side, Riggro Digital started his internet radio station Radio Vrishti. To clarify below is the clients’ testimony & the screenshots.

“I tried so many options but eventually Riggro Digital is the Best. They supported my radio passion for a career. I, not only got the best internet radio broadcasting but also the World`s best internet radio server! Love you Riggro Digital for indeed starting my own internet radio station so Fast” – Ronak Siddharth, Radio Vrishti, Gorakhpur, India.

Client # 1. Radio Vrishti- "Laye Jeevan Me Mishti"​

Testimony- “I tried so many options but eventually Riggro Digital is the Best. They supported my radio passion for a career. I, not only got the best internet radio broadcasting but also the World`s best internet radio server! Love you Riggro Digital for indeed starting my own internet radio station so Fast”.

Client # 2. Live Waves Radio (United Kingdom)

Mr. Gilbert had asked –“How to start an internet radio station in the UK?” Riggro Digital helped him Start internet radio called Life waves Radio and this is Gilbert’s testimony.

I was confused about setting up an internet radio station? But eventually Rigrro Digital guided me step by step. Moreover, I even got the best broadcasting features. Now my radio is at the top of the charts in UK. Thanks, Riggro Digital.”Mr. Gilbert Rosario, United Kingdom (UK)

 Client # 2. Live Waves Radio (United Kingdom)
Testimony- I was confused about setting up an internet radio station? But eventually Rigrro Digital guided me step by step. Moreover, I even got the best broadcasting features. Now my radio is at the top of the charts in UK. Thanks, Riggro Digital.”

Client # 3. Radio Raagini, Baramati (Pune) India​

Miss Raajashri wanted the best internet radio broadcasting software for her online radio station. Riggro Digital started Radio Ragini- India`s 1st Women’s Online Radio Station. Below are her original reviews from the Google.

“I had a very low budget yet i wanted the best internet radio broadcasting in India.  However, Riggro Digital gave me all the tools including the Powerful live audio streaming software. As a result, My radio station is rocking. Thank you Riggro Digital”Mis.Raajashri Dinkar Agam,President, Raagini Foundation & Radio Raagini, Baramati ( Pune) India.

Start Your Own Internet Radio Station, Step By Step. (100% Authentic & Detailed Guide)​

Finally, It’s time to start your own Internet Radio Station & Expand your reach to the other side of the world! Follow this step by step guide of endless possibilities in internet radio broadcasting. Start Now!

Step No. 1. Decide the Concept

Before setting up your internet radio station, You must analyze the concept of your station? This is where your story begins!

Ask these questions to yourselves:

  • What`s your Online Radio concept?
  • Who’s your target audience?
  • Who’s your community?
  • What content do you wish to Broadcast?
  • Are you going to play songs or is it going to be a talk based Radio?
  • Will you have Radio Jockeys or you shall play recorded content?
  • Which internet radio broadcasting software are you going to use?

Concept # 1. Students online Community Radio Station:

To Broadcast Educational, Motivational & Career Related content. If you are an education institution, then it’s a brilliant thought to create an online radio station for your student’s community. Check Out Radio MPSC Guru on the Google Play Store.

Concept # 2. Spiritual Community Online Radio Station:

If you wish to reach a specific community, then the easiest way to reach them is to start an online community Radio station. Reason: Most communities are well connected with spiritualism. They can not only get good teachings but stay connected together. The best example is Radio Jai Jinendra and the Christian Visionary Radio on Google Play. So you can create such Radio Station online.

Concept # 3. Language & Dialect focused Community Radio Station:

Bhojpuri is an official language of Nepal and a minority language in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, South Africa, and Mauritius. It is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in northern-eastern India and the Terai region of Nepal. So there is a huge listeners base scope. You can create such an online radio station. Checkout Bhojpuri Radio on the Google Play Store called Radio Prabhat.

Another Example is a Youth online Radio station from Solan, Himachal Pradesh called – Radio Hills- “Youngistan Ka Dil”

Concept # 4. Women’s Online Community Radio Station:

In particular, starting an Internet radio station for the Women’s community can be a Great thought. Prominently, this radio can engage, share, discuss, exchange ideas & knowledge. More importantly, you must check out our India`s 1st Women`s Radio that’s operated & run by the Women and For the Women: Radio Ragini on the Google Play. So you too can plan to create your own online radio station.

Concept # 5. Knowledge-based Internet Radio

Shirwal is a small town located 40 km from Pune. Mr. Nilesh always wondered how to make online radio that’s complete knowledge-based? Since Internet radio requires the least resource, he thought to create an online radio station called Shirwal Radio- “Spread The Knowledge”. The focus was his villagers & the knowledge aspiring community. So eventually, the communities come together & share their knowledge.

Knowledge Based Online Radio Station : Shirwal Radio
Concept of Online Radio Station- Knowledge-based Internet Radio

Step No. 2. Decide Name & Logo

Before you plan to set up your online radio streaming services remember few things! Firstly you must explore different names! The Names that precisely describe the identity of your online radio station. secondly, you can think about the specialties in your area. For Instance, it may be the name of your town or something that connects with your community. Example: Food, cultures, dialect, person name, a word that is associated with you. Moreover, choose a tagline with a creative rhyme.

Create a Logo:

Now, let’s design a Stunning Logo before setting up your internet radio station! Remember to make it creative yet Simple. Notably, choose a readable font. Create a name that instantly describes your brand. On the other hand, remember to not include complicated fonts. Besides, Focus on readability & boldness. Notably, you may refer to our Logo designs; Here.

Step No 4. Licensing & Content:

If you wish to stream your content on the Internet that is licensed, then either you’ll need to take their permission or pay their licensing fees. In fact, the Licensing fees are paid to Performance Rights. Organizations that in turn pass on money to artists and composers.

Learn How to get the Licence Free content:

Since Music is easily available on Google for Free, it’s obvious that these days people just don’t want music. So eventually It’s a brilliant idea to focus on the content-based Radio stations. In other words, record the programs created by your community members. You can also get a lot of free content from several websites like, & YouTube.

Decide Topics to Record:

There are many topics available around the world. The best example is a group of women who don’t need a topic to discuss (LOL).. They can talk nonstop! Plan out your daily programs and accordingly invite or go amongst your communities to record their programs on the different topics that you care about. Furthermore, the community will be happy to hear their own programs. 

Example of Content Generation:

History of the town, sharing the memories of your city by senior citizens, personal life experiences of successful people, topics by Doctors, guidance by lawyers, ask the mechanics about the maintenance of vehicles, etc. 

Step No. 3. Select your Online Radio Server Plan

Before you start up, plan your budget as per your organizations’ size. Correspondingly Riggro Digital offers various streaming plans, that start at just Rs. 750 per month. Furthermore, the professional plans start from Rs. 5500/Month up to Rs.12500/Month. Subsequently, you get the best internet radio hosting with the power of four in one server. This ensures power-packed performance.

Step 4. Get the Worlds Best Internet Radio Broadcasting Software, Free

In particular, get all the necessary tools you need to create & run online radio. Likewise, Once you subscribe to your Shoutcast / Icecast servers get activated in addition to your internet radio broadcasting software. Moreover, you also get professional radio automation software with auto DJ Free! Now you can start uploading your music and content through the control panel and start your server.

Step 5. Start & Setup Internet Radio Studio

Set up Your Studio Riggro digital not only helps you to start internet radio but also helps to design your studios with the best radio equipments & software. Accordingly, we get you the best and pocket-friendly gadgets. Although our cloud technologies come along with smart automation including scheduling software with auto DJ. Consequently, you can start & run your own internet radio station without human dependency.

Step 6. Start Broadcasting your Content

In the first place, let’s upload your music & content and start your server. Additionally, you can upload capsules, sparklers, radio properties, station identification, and music. Correspondingly you can create unlimited auto DJ accounts and give access to your radio jockeys as per schedules. Likewise, the RJ’s can upload their content and schedule shows as per their desired times.

Step 7. Real-Time Monitoring Tools

Your Internet radio station not only comes with the best radio programming & broadcasting software but also with loads of monitoring tools. In General, It is super easy to monitor the count of live listeners, total unique listeners, countries, and more with our broadcast tools. This eventually helps to understand the number of listeners connected there during live shows. In addition, several other live statistics and reports can also be generated in just one click. So trust on Riggro Digital’s internet radio streaming software & Start Online Radio Station, Now.

Step 8. Get Free Radio App

Get fully-featured Android application Free which comes along with several features like monetization, social page, news tab, direct WhatsApp share, etc which eventually helps you to reach your communities across the world.

Step 9. Get Free Google Play Store Listing

Once your Android app is ready we create your store listing & rollout your App on the Google Play Store. This eventually helps you to share your app on WhatsApp to your listeners & community worldwide.

How to Start Your Internet Radio Station and Make Money?

We believe that you must make money from your web radio station. So importantly, you get a fully-featured radio app that comes along with an important monetizable feature to generate revenue. Thus, you can upload your poster ads on your radio app from a dedicated admin panel. Most considerably, you can make money from this premium space. Specifically, you can display your local advertisements, birthday, anniversary wishes, program schedules, upcoming events from the local shops & businesses. So get all the tools for your internet radio station & make Money, fast. Start Now!