Start Internet Radio Station, Most Easily in 3 Quick Steps.

How to start an internet radio station, most easily and make Money?

Below are 3 quick steps to start your online radio station most easily with Riggro Digital. We provide 100% premium & low priced audio streaming service with Monetizable Android app to make money

Moreover you get Free internet radio software along with the bunch of powerful tools to monitor live & unique listeners by countries. So it’s super easy to start, run & earn money from your online radio station. 

Our intelligent broadcast techniques can easily changeover from scheduled cloud broadcasting to Live studio and mobile application broadcasting in multiple locations. Thus you get rid of all technical aspects since & we take care of everything!

 So whether you a one-man show, an RJ, a DJ, or a professional media House, running your internet radio station is super easy. We guarantee that our brilliant broadcast technologies will convert you to a Pro, Fast.

start an internet radio station


Check out our Radio Apps on the Google Play​

Checkout, our internet radios station on Google Play!  You can download, Radio Namkin – Ek Dum Zabardast  & several other online radios on the Google Play.

Subscribe to the plans that best fits your organization size on the Pricing tab. You may call or whatsapp us on (91) 9757092220.


Get your Radio Hosting Server with Auto DJ Free

Once you subscribe, your Riggro Digital radio hosting server gets activated in some time! You also get powerful automation & scheduling software Free along with Shoutcast or Icecast Server. You can now start broadcasting your radio on internet to the world.


We create Your online radio with Free Android App

Once you Start your internet radio Station, it is important to spread your it amongst your communities! So we give you a stunning Android application FREE! We know that your digital radio must sound & play the best! So we ensure that your app play instantly without buffering in HD & Ultra HD Sound! Thanks to our Zero buffer (Zero_BFR4) technology. Moreover to add more colours to your life, we create your apps in your Stations Colors themes, Free!

Automation & Scheduling Software. How to Go Live?

Tools to Manage Your Online Radio Station

It is super easy to schedule & broadcast from anywhere in the world with Riggro Digitals No.1 cloud automation software with Auto DJ. We also provide you our powerful Broadcast Android application with which you can directly broadcast from the inbuilt mike of your Smartphone in HD! This is best for outdoor & gadget-free broadcasting. And it’s Free!

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Get every tool you need to manage, run and monitor your online radio station with Riggro Digital. We guarantee your audio streaming to be is always Live & On-AIR 24X7.


You can anytime monitor all the statics of your internet radio station like unique listeners, unique countries, listeners minutes, current Live listeners by locations (IP), listener’s trends, listener sessions, get player widgets & much more..


We already have thousands of online radio stations streaming Live & It`s time that you Host your own station, Now!

So dial: (91)-9757092220 now to create your online radio station in a few quick steps!

How to Start a web radio station and make money?

Here is the Quick guide to start an Internet radio and make money. Our online radio apps comes with a Free Poster Ad space from where you can generate revenue for your station. Here in, you can display posters, programme schedules, local events, advertisements etc. You can link these Poster ads to the clients website, FB, youtube, etc.  We give you a secured admin panel with user ID & password. You can generate revenue by selling this premium ad space. Lets understand that online audio streaming is the way of media in this age – it frees you from the limitations of traditional radio broadcasting.

Our Services

How to start an internet radio station

Internet Radio Station​

As soon as your on-line radio is started, Its miles critical to unfold your radio among your community, the world over. So we support you on promoting your station to the world to get more listeners & make money.

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Internet Radio Hosting Server​

Your Riggro Digital server comes along with powerful radio hosting with auto Dj, along with Shoutcast or Ice cast Server , Free.                                                  Read more..

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Free Radio App​

After Starting your web radio, it is miles important to spread your radio among your groups & Communities! Consequently we provide you with a beautiful android app  with monetized ad space to make money. Its Free. It comes with several features like all social connects, Pod casting, News tab and about us page.

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Shoutcast hosting and Icecast hosting Services​


Shoutcast or icecast Hosting services are the  cross platform softwares that supports media streaming over the internet. This is most essential, so we give you Shoutcast or icecast hosting, Free already applied with Riggro Digital radio hosting servers.

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Free Andriod Application​

After your web radio streaming is started, we process your online radio station application,  free! You need to statio logo and app icon in the size of 512 x 512 pixels.  Once that is received, your android application take 7 to 15 working days since it is created by our developers team in the USA.

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How to Start an Online FM Radio station

Get Free Online Radio Training

We want all our online radio stations to do Great! So our professional Programming team gives you Free training and support. Thus you handle your radio programming in the best & professional manner. Our in-house team of radio experts are always eager to support you.

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How It Works

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Research & Upgrades​

Research as well as upgrades on the USP of online radio station to cope up the competition as well as build better listeners base. Optimizing resources utilization resulting listener’s delight.

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Co-ordinate with your teammates​

Co-ordinate with sound engineers, producers, script writers, Radio jockeys to work on the local shows, promos, concepts, station Ids, exclusives, sparklers, jingles, etc to keep updates ready .

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Client Relationship Management​

Ensuring maximum customer satisfaction by closely working on the programming & production with the marketing team. Interacting with the potential clients to understand their requirements ..

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How to Start your Internet Radio Station: Riggro Digital

How to Start your Internet Radio Station: Riggro Digital

Riggro Digital radio is the world`s most advanced digital online radio technology that converts audio in the small packets & transmits them to the stream players in HD & Ultra HD sound. The technology streams the audio even on low internet data with Zero buffering.

Our digital broadcasting solutions are well equipped with power of 4 servers for each radio to transmit radio streams in the most digital internet radio services.  We are webcasting digital audio since 2013 making us India`s No. 1 broadcaster. 

Our internet radio services work as a streaming media. It broadcasts continuous stream of audio on the internet just like the traditional radio.

Latest Blog

how to start a radio station on the internet

Start Your Own Internet Radio Station for Free

Ever wondering, How do to Start your own online radio station for Free?

Heres a quick way out! The Quick Way way to stream music to your buddies, online can be extremely simple. Just ask for our demo on streaming & broadcasting app. We will share with you the quick links over SMS or whats app where you can try our demo for free. 

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How to Make Money from our Internet Radios Apps?​

Its always a big question that How shall you make money from an internet radio apps? Answer is very simple: Your internet radio station app comes with a Free Poster Ad space from where you can generate revenue for your station. Here in, you can display posters, program schedules, local events, advertisements. 

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How to Create an Internet Radio Station​ Legally

So you must be wondering, how to create an online radio station legally? When you create an internet radio, it is most important to consider legalities.  Unlike FM radiosStreaming audio on web is like using a social media. Since streaming online does not require any frequency from the government of India, it is legal to stream music online. But you must consider the music royalties part, you are playing any content or music which is copyright protected.  

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How to Start Online Radio Station Legally ?​

To Start FM Radio Station you have to get permission from MIB (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting India). No one is entitled to give this license except  MIB.

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How do radio stations know how many listeners they have?​

For online radio, there are actual counts that change constantly. For FM radio or equivalent, there are two methods: diary-based or PPM-based. Here’s how the diary works.

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What Software do Radio Station Use

Some excellent answers have been given already, but let me throw in my 2 cents. Radio stations use a variety of software applications to run their stations: Automation.

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