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Create your own internet radio station free: 3 Steps

India’s No.1 Award-winning Cloud Internet Radio Broadcasting Software with Auto DJ for FM, CRS & Online Radio Creators (Since 2012)

This is the only place where we produce the World’s Best Online Radio Station: Riggro Digital

Create your Free online radio station & get professional radio broadcasting software for your online streaming, FM, and community radio station only with Riggro Digital- The First and top-ranked Make in India radio broadcaster. You’ll be shaken to learn that setting up your internet radio station and reaching millions of people all over the world only takes 3 steps and 3 minutes! You can do live digital radio broadcasts from your home computer or even your smartphone! Furthermore, the Auto DJ-enabled radio software can generate Live Listeners reports with their current country locations in just one click! Creating, managing, and running your online radio station with Riggro is simple and doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a media professional. Just go ahead and press the “Create Your Own Free Radio” button and Become Your Own Boss.

The Best Internet Radio Broadcasting Software with Automation & Auto DJ

Seamless Broadcasting with the Riggro Cast- The All-in-one & Most Advanced Internet Radio Broadcasting Software.

Powerful Monitoring Tools: Our most dependable Internet radio broadcasting software allows you to easily create your own free online radio station and broadcast it without interruption. You may access expert features like scheduling, automation with auto DJ, live reports, widgets, player codes, etc. with Riggro Cast, radio automation software. If you’re interested in extra features like limitless listeners or more storage, you might think about signing up for premium Plans.

You receive a number of crucial built-in tools to track your listeners’ geolocation after creating your free online radio station. You may keep an eye on statistics such as live listeners by locations (IP), unique listeners, unique nations, listeners’ minutes, listeners’ trends, listener sessions, get-player widgets, and much more.

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Create Your Own Free Online Radio Station by following these 3 Easy Steps!

Check out our Radio Apps on the Google Play

Step no.1

Check out our online radio stations on Google Play.

Creating your own radio station with the number one free online radio station creator is very easy! The first step is to simply check out our online radio station on the google play store. This will give you a fair idea of how our radios look, feel, and play! Surely you will be amazed at the audio quality and the powerful playing capabilities of our radio apps. You can download “Radio Namkin” and witness the powerful audio streaming. Our streams play without buffering in Ultra-HD sound. Moreover, you can make money by enabling Google ads in your apps if you opt for premium plans. This feature displays poster ads! To learn more about starting an internet radio station, read our in-depth blog.

Subscribe & Get Radio Server along with Radio Broadcasting Software, Free

Step no.2

Order Your Radio Hosting Server & Get Radio Broadcasting Software, Free

Once you place your order, your Radio Hosting Server gets activated instantly! Accordingly, you also get powerful Internet radio broadcasting software called Riggro Cast along with the Shoutcast or Icecast Server, for free.  Next, you can start uploading your music and start broadcasting your online radio on the browser.

Get Radio App, Free

Step no.3

Get Your Premium Radio App Uploaded on Google Play, Free

Congratulations on ordering your Online Radio Server! Now your internet radio station is created. it’s time to reach your listeners, globally! Accordingly, we give you a customized Android App in your station’s color themes. We know that your digital radio must sound awesome! So you also get buffer-free audio streaming in HD or Ultra HD sound! Soon we will upload your app to the Google play store for download! That’s not enough!  Now, it’s time to make money! So, you get the most premium monetizable feature in your app!

Using a smartphone app, perform direct live broadcasting.

Get started by using our free online radio station builder, then download the free Android broadcasting app. Consequently, you can perform direct, HD sound live broadcasting from your smartphone! Absolutely, there is no need for elaborate or fancy devices! When you want to go live right away, this is perfect! This is the best free broadcasting device that may make your life easier. So when it comes to creating, launching, operating, and managing an online radio station, Riggro Digital Technologies is unmatched!


Promote Your Radio

Increase Your Audience: We Freely Promote Your Radio Station Worldwide.

Your radio application becomes publicly available on the Google Play Store as soon as you order an online radio server and it is finished. It is of the utmost importance to make your radio station known to your listeners all around the world. Therefore, we assist you in spreading the word about your station through www.radio.garden and over 800 other radio-related websites, applications, and platforms. Therefore, we will assist you in expanding your business.

Powerful Internet Radio Streaming Server

Access to Strong Internet Radio Streaming Servers

Riggro Digital constantly provides the highest quality services. As a result, the power of four servers in one is included with your online radio hosting. This translates to four servers running your media, giving you complete peace of mind. As a result, your station will always be live and broadcasting round-the-clock thanks to our hosting servers and radio automation software!

Get Shout cast and Ice cast hosting Services

Free hosting services are provided by Shout cast and Ice cast.

The cross-platform software that provides audio streaming is called Shoutcast or Ice cast Hosting services. We provide free Shout cast or Ice cast hosting, as well as Riggro Digital hosting servers because this is of utmost importance. Check out more features here.

99.9% Uptime

99.9% Uptime With 100% Reliability

Since 2013, we have been broadcasting on the internet, and we have been an authority on FM radios since 2007. In order to guarantee 99.9% uptime for our radio server locations, we offer online radio streaming services. You can stream Internet radio continuously as a result.

Free Online Radio Training

Free Training & Support!

Our goal is for all of our online radio stations to succeed. As a result, our skilled programming team offers you free programming instruction and assistance with setting up your studios. As a result, you manage your online radio station like an expert.

I am always happy to help you. Quick support over calls & Remote access

No matter what you need, our experts are always happy to assist you! So, using Riggro Digital to create your internet radio station is quite simple and free. Audio can now be streamed in a matter of minutes. Therefore, turn your dream into a profitable radio station by using our free online radio station creator.

Whatever your questions may be, our experts are more than delighted to assist you! Riggro Digital makes it incredibly simple to launch your online radio station with a free app. You may now stream audio in a matter of minutes. In order to turn your dream radio station into reality, try our free online radio station creator.

Our experts are always happy to help you, no matter what your queries are! Starting an internet radio station is extremely easy with Riggro Digital. Now you can stream audio in just a few minutes. So, try our free Online Radio Station Creator and convert your dream into a Successful Radio Station.

Create your own online radio station to quickly earn money!


To help you make money for your online radio station, our radio apps include a Free Poster Ad display space. Eventually, your radio station will be able to show clickable advertisements, posters, timetables, local events, etc. You can also sell your audio time slots in addition. So, compared to traditional radio transmission, online audio streaming is a potent medium with many benefits.

To help you make money for your online radio station, our radio apps include a Free Poster Ad display space. Eventually, your radio station will be able to show clickable advertisements, posters, timetables, local events, etc. You can also sell your audio time slots in addition. So, compared to traditional radio transmission, online audio streaming is a potent medium with many benefits.

Know, How To Make Money From Your Online Radio Station, Fast!

What Motivates Clients to Create an Online Radio Station with Riggro Digital?

Why Clients Choose Riggro Digital to Start an Internet Radio Station?

Riggro Digital is India’s No. 1 & the world’s top most cutting-edge Internet radio streaming technology, that streams audio in (HD) high definition. In order to digitally transmit audio without buffering, 24X7, our digital radio broadcasting solutions are powered by four servers. The world’s best support, the most powerful audio streaming engines, and quick money-making Radio Apps are what set us apart! Thus Riggro Digital has become the 1st choice for the FM, CRS & online radio station creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can save time and money by using Riggro Digital. It’s comparable to adding a qualified IT technician to your online radio station at the cheapest price. When you total up your annual server, radio software, and service fees, Riggro Digital is the finest deal in the world! Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll start your internet radio station and assist you in expanding your listenership.

We accept all major credit cards, payments via Paypal, Bhim UPI, Phone Pay, Google Pay, Paytm Pay, Bank Transfer (ICICI, SBI) etc.

We at RIGGRO DIGITAL always prioritized the quality and availability of our Service, but for some reason we offer our clients a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can always cancel your Server Subscription if you are not satisfied.

The quality and accessibility of our services have always come first at RIGGRO DIGITAL, but due to a variety of circumstances, we also provide our customers with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not happy, you are always free to terminate your service subscription.

In order for you to launch your own Internet radio station, we are constantly committed to providing you with the greatest customer service, solutions, and understanding over the phone. Once your radio app is created, the one-time setup and installation fees are not refundable. You can always tell us when to begin the set-up and installation procedure whenever it is most convenient for you. We won’t begin unless you email your approval to do so.

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time. You can downgrade or upgrade your plans at your convenience any time.

Whatever services you choose from us, we give you the greatest support in the world! We provide Free Full Automation Software with Auto DJ, Free Radio App, Free Radio Training, Free Live Mobile App Broadcasting, Free Studio Broadcasting Support, Free Technical Support, Free Programming Support on Phones, Remote Desk, Emails, and in-Person Visits. We also provide Free Technical Support, Free Programming Support on Phones, Remote Desk, Emails, and Personal Visits.

Riggro Digital Client Success Stories

"The online Radio service of riggro digital is amazing. People like to listen radio without earphone because they can't carry them everywhere. With Internet Radio we can convey our messages every where in the world and our community. People are enjoying my radio because I can run it from anywhere. It is as easy as pie."

Ritesh Kumar

"रेडियो व्यवसाय के लिए उत्कृष्ट सेवाओं के साथ एक अच्छा मंच प्रदान करके रिग्रो डिजिटल एक उत्कृष्ट कार्य करता है।आज इंटरनेट रेडियो संगीत, समाचार और महत्वपूर्ण अपडेट के साथ मनोरंजन करने के लिए सभी आयु वर्ग के लोगों का सबसे लोकप्रिय माध्यम बन गया है।"

कपूर रंजन

"Riggro Digital is best for online radio lovers... it gives you a creative service in a very affordable price. Team is supportive, Understanding..and Frank at all level of queries...Listen Dolby sound only here. one of the best thing of this Radio is that u can run this Radio from anywhere even from your phone. thanks for giving me this type of service."

RJ Subodh

"Our listeners are extremely happy since they can listen to our radio online from any where without Headphones & Frequency. Quick & prompt Customer service. The social connect on our internet Radio is amazing since the programmes are updated on social & people can see the Radio Station broadcast."

Rajashri Agam
Chairman/ Director - Ragini Foundation

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Check out the amazing sound quality on all our apps. We also offer a podcasting feature on Sound Cloud. You can list all your audio files, and your listeners can listen to the audio files of their choice using this feature.

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