Start Internet Radio Station & Make Money, Fast

Get powerful Radio Broadcasting & Scheduling Software including Customized radio App & Training FREE.

Start Internet Radio Station & Make Money, Fast

Get powerful Radio Broadcasting & Scheduling Software including Customized radio App & Training FREE.

How to Start Internet Radio Station, Most Easily?

Start internet radio station & make money in 3 steps with Riggro Digital. (The easiest method). Get free online radio station hosting & broadcasting software including easy program scheduler and automation with auto Dj.

Get 100% premium, yet low priced audio streaming service including revenue-generating and monetizable app, Free!

In addition, get all the tools including free programming training and support to help you create great content & grow listeners. Above all, our brilliant technology can conveniently changeover from an automated Auto DJ broadcasting to Live studio & Smartphone application broadcasting!

So whether you a one-man show like a radio jockey, DJ or a professional media House, starting & running your online radio station is super easy with Riggro Digital.

Start Internet radio Station

Below are the 3 easy steps to start your internet Radio station.

Step 1

Check out our Radio Apps on the Google Play

Before you plan to Start internet radio station, we recommend you you to check our apps on the Google Play. You can download, “Radio Namkin – Ek Dum Zabardast” & several other online radio stations.

Then, subscribe to our plans that best fits your organization size going to the Pricing tab. To know more, you can call us or whatsapp on (91) 9757092220.

Step 2

Get your Radio Hosting Server with Auto DJ Free

Once you subscribe, your Riggro Digital radio hosting server gets activated in some time! You also get powerful automation & scheduling software Free along with the Shoutcast or Icecast Server. You can now start broadcasting your radio station on internet to the world.

Step 3

We create Your online radio with Free Android App

Once you start your radio server, broadcasting softwares & advertisement admin panel gets activated.

Now its the time to reach your listeners & communities. So we give you a stunning Android application FREE! We know that your digital radio must sound & play best! So you get buffer free audio streaming in HD & Ultra HD Sound!

That`s not the end. To add more colours to your life, we create your apps in your Stations Colors themes, Free!

Get powerful automation, scheduling & broadcasting radio software

Get every tool you need to manage, run and monitor your station. Riggro Digital provides powerful automation, scheduling & broadcasting radio software with auto DJ, Free. Moreover you also get a Free smartphone broadcasting app to do Live broadcasting from the inbuilt mike of your phone in HD sound! This is best for outdoor & gadget-free broadcasting.

You can anytime monitor all the statics of your internet radio station like unique listeners, unique countries, listeners minutes, current Live listeners by locations (IP), listener’s trends, listener sessions, get player widgets & much more.

With such powerful tools. we guarantee your audio streaming to be Live & On-AIR 24X7.

So dial: (91)-9757092220 now to create your online radio station in 3 easy steps!

Know, how to make money from your radio station, Fast!

Let us understand the easy way out to start an online radio station & make money., Fast. Our radio apps come with a premium Poster Ad space from where you can generate revenue for your station. It's Free. You can display posters, program schedules, local events or advertisements. You can also add a website, FaceBook page or a YouTube link. For this, you get a dedicated admin panel with a secured user ID & password. You can generate revenue by selling this premium ad space. You can also charge by seconds, minutes & audio advertisements. Thus online audio streaming is the powerful media with lots of advantages over traditional radio broadcasting.

Join the Radio Revolution Powered By Riggro Digital.

Try out our Service for Free for 2 Days, and then plan out for one of our Premium Service that best suits you.

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Why Choose Riggro Digital Internet Radio Broadcasting?

Start your Internet Radio Station: Riggro Digital

Riggro Digital radio is the world`s most advanced digital online radio broadcasting technology that converts audio in the small packets & transmits them to the stream players in HD & Ultra HD sound. Our technology streams the audio even on low internet data with Zero buffering. Our digital broadcasting solutions are equipped with the power of 4 servers for all our online radio stations that transmit radio streams digitally.

Most importantly, we are webcasting digital audio since 2013, which maks us India`s No. 1 and the most powerfull streaming media in the world. It broadcasts a continuous stream of audio on the internet just like the traditional radio.