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Your search for a free online radio station creator ends Here! Let’s Broadcast your station with Riggro Digital, Now!

Create your Free Online Radio Station with India’s 1st & No. 1 Radio Station Creator: Riggro Digital. Create your Internet radio station in just a few clicks! Surprisingly, it’ll only take 3 minutes to setup, start & reach millions across the globe! Thanks to Riggro Cast– The Professional cloud automation Internet Radio Broadcasting Software with Auto DJ. Just drag & drop Mp3 audio files. It will automatically schedule your station 24X7 for 365 days without any human or computer dependency ou our powerful cloud servers! So whether you are an amateur or a Media professional, managing, running, monitoring your listeners has been never so easier! So without a further do, lets create your online radio station for Free now & Be Your Own Boss! What are you waiting for, Lets Go On-Air like a professional broadcaster!

The Best Internet Radio Broadcasting Software with Automation & Auto DJ

Seamless Broadcasting with the Riggro Cast- The All-in-one & Most Advanced Online Radio Broadcasting Software

Powerful Monitoring Tools: Create your Online Radio Station for Free & broadcast seamlessly with our most dependable Internet Radio Broadcasting Software. You get pro features like scheduling, automation with auto DJ, Live reports, widgets, player codes, etc included with Riggro Cast. If you want more features like more storage, unlimited listeners then you can go for premium Plans.

You get many essential inbuilt tools to monitor your Listeners & their locations. You can monitor statics like: Live listeners by locations (IP), unique listeners, unique countries, listeners’ minutes, listener’s trends, listener sessions, get player widgets & much more.

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Follow 3 Simple Steps and
Start Your Internet Radio Station, Now!

Check out our Radio Apps on the Google Play

Step no.1

Check out our Online Radio Stations on the Google Play.

Creating a radio with number 1 Free Online radio station creator is very easy! The first step is to simply check out our online radio station on the google play store. This will give an fair idea about how our radios look, feel & play! Surely you shall be amazed with the audio quality & the powerful playing capabilities of our radio apps. You can download “Radio Namkin” & witness the powerful audio streaming. Our streams play without buffering in Ultra-HD sound. More over you can make money by enabling the Google ads to your apps if you opt for premium plans a. This feature that displays poster ads! To know more know more about starting an internet radio station , than read our in-depth blog.

Subscribe & Get Radio Server along with Radio Broadcasting Software, Free

Step no.2

Order Your Radio Hosting Server & Get Radio Broadcasting Software, Free

Once you Order, your Radio Hosting Server gets activated, instantly! Accordingly, you also get powerful Internet Radio Broadcasting Software called Riggro Cast along with the Shoutcast or Icecast Server, Free.  Next, You can Start uploading your Music & Start Broadcasting your Online Radio on the browsers.

Get Radio App, Free

Step no.3

Get Your Premium Radio App Uploaded on Google Play, Free

Congratulation on ordering your Online Radio Server! Now its time to reach your listeners, Globally! Accordingly, we give you a customized Android App in your Stations color themes. We know that your Digital Radio must sound Awesome! So you also get buffer-free Audio Streaming in HD/ Ultra HD Sound! Soon we upload your app on the Google play store for download! That`s not enough!  Now, its time to make money! So you get the most premium monetizable feature in your app!

Do Direct Live Broadcasting from your Smartphone App

Start with our Free online radio station creator & get android mobile Broadcasting app, Free. Thus you can do direct Live broadcasting from your Smartphone in HD sound! Absolutely, no expansive or fancy gadgets required! This is ideal when you wish to instantly go Live shows! This is the handiest gadget free broadcasting that can made your life simple. So no one is close to Riggro Digital technologies when it comes to create, start, run & manage your online radio station!


Promote Your Radio

Get More Listeners: We Promote Your Radio Station Globally, Free

As soon as you order your online Radio Server & once your Radio application is created, your app goes public on the Google Play Store. Its miles critical to unfold your radio among your listeners, the world over. So, we support you in promoting your station to the world on www.radio.garden & over 800+ Radio websites, apps & platforms. Thus we support you to Grow your business.

Powerful Internet Radio Streaming Server

You Get Powerful Internet Radio Streaming Servers

Your services are always most premium with Riggro Digital. Thus your Online Radio Hosting comes along with the power of four in one Servers. That means you get 4 servers, that run your media ensuring complete peace of mind. Thus, our Radio Automation Softwares & Hosting Servers Broadcast your Radio more powerfully, ensuring that your station is always Live & On-air 24X7!

Get Shout cast and Ice cast hosting Services

You Get Shout cast and Ice cast hosting Services, Free

Shoutcast or Icecast Hosting services are the cross-platform software that supports audio streaming. Since this is most essential, so we give you Free Shoutcast or Icecast hosting along with Riggro Digital hosting servers. You can chekout more features – Here

99.9% Uptime

99.9% Uptime

We are broadcasting online radio stations since 2013 & have expertise in FM Radios since 2007. Consequently, our online radio streaming services ensure 99.9% uptime for our radio Server locations. Thus you get uninterrupted Internet Radio Streaming.

Free Online Radio Training

Free Online Radio Training

We want all our online radio stations to do Great! So our professional programming team gives you Free training & support on programming as well as setting up your studios. Thus you run your internet radio station like a professional.

Try Our Free Demo, Now.

Our Experts are always happy to help you, not matter what so ever your queries are! So starting an internet radio station is extremely easy with Riggro Digital. Now you can stream audio in just few minutes. So try our free Online Radio Station Creator and Convert your Dream to a Successful Radio Station.

Download Your Free Android Radio Application.

You won’t be charged until after your free month. We’ll remind you three days before your trial ends. No commitments, cancel anytime. SEE THE PLANS.

Try Our Free Demo, Now.- Create an online radio station from home?

Download your Free Android Broadcasting Application.

Downloaded & Whats app us your Name and Location & receive the Configuration for your Android Broadcasting app.

Know, How to Make Money From Your Online Radio Station, Fast!

Our radio apps come with a Free Poster Ad display space to generate revenue for your Online radio station. Eventually, you can display clickable Advertisements, posters, program schedules, local events, etc on your radio station. Apart you can also sell your audio time slots. Thus online audio streaming is a powerful media with lots of advantages over traditional radio broadcasting.

Know, How To Make Money From Your Online Radio Station, Fast!

Why Clients Choose Riggro Digital to Start an Internet Radio Station?

Why Clients Choose Riggro Digital to Start an Internet Radio Station?

Riggro Digital is India’s #1 & the world`s most advanced Internet Radio broadcasting technology that Stream Audio in HD sound. It converts the Audio into small packets & then transmits to the stream players.

Our digital Radio Broadcasting Solutions are equipped with the Power of 4 Servers that Digitally transmit audio without buffering, 24X7 in HD & Ultra HD sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Riggro Digital saves you time and money. It’s like adding a professional IT technician for your Online Radio Station, at the lowest cost. When you add up how much you spend in one year on your server, radio software, and technician fees, Riggro Digital is best a bargain in the world! In short, just give us all your requirements & we shall not only Start your Internet Radio Station but also help you grow listeners.

We accept all major credit cards, Payments via Paypal, Bhim UPI, Phone Pay, Google Pay, Paytm Pay, Bank Transfer (ICICI, SBI) etc.

We at RIGGRO DIGITAL always prioritized the quality and availability of our Service, but for some reasons we offer our clients a 30 day 100% Money back Guarantee. You can always cancel your Server Subscription if you are not satisfied.

We are always committed to give you the best customer support & solutions over a call & understand you in the most friendly way so that You kick start your own Internet Radio Station. Once your Radio App is under process of creation, then the one time Setup & Installation fees is not refunded. You can always take time as per your convenience to tell us when we should start processing this Setup & Installation process. Once you confirm over an email to start only then we shall start creating your Radio App. In this case your amount shall not be refunded.

Yes you can upgrade you plan at any time.

Why is Riggro Digital India’s No. 1 Broadcaster?

We offer the world’s best support, no matter what services you take from us!  We offer you Free Radio Station Broadcasting Software, Free Full Automation Software with Auto DJ, Free Radio App, Free Radio Training, Free Live Mobile App Broadcasting, Free Studio Broadcasting support,  Free Technical Support, Free programming Support on Phone,  Remote Desk, emails as well as personal visits.

So What are you waiting for? Start an Online Radio Station, Now.

Success Stories of Riggro Digital Clients

"The online Radio service of riggro digital is amazing. People like to listen radio without earphone because they can't carry them everywhere. With Internet Radio we can convey our messages every where in the world and our community. People are enjoying my radio because I can run it from anywhere. It is as easy as pie."

Ritesh Kumar

"रेडियो व्यवसाय के लिए उत्कृष्ट सेवाओं के साथ एक अच्छा मंच प्रदान करके रिग्रो डिजिटल एक उत्कृष्ट कार्य करता है।आज इंटरनेट रेडियो संगीत, समाचार और महत्वपूर्ण अपडेट के साथ मनोरंजन करने के लिए सभी आयु वर्ग के लोगों का सबसे लोकप्रिय माध्यम बन गया है।"

कपूर रंजन

"Riggro Digital is best for online radio lovers... it gives you a creative service in a very affordable price. Team is supportive, Understanding..and Frank at all level of queries...Listen Dolby sound only here. one of the best thing of this Radio is that u can run this Radio from anywhere even from your phone. thanks for giving me this type of service."

RJ Subodh

"Our listeners are extremely happy since they can listen to our radio online from any where without Headphones & Frequency. Quick & prompt Customer service. The social connect on our internet Radio is amazing since the programmes are updated on social & people can see the Radio Station broadcast."

Rajashri Agam
Chairman/ Director - Ragini Foundation

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Check out the Amazing Sound quality on all our apps. We also offer Podcasting feature on Sound Cloud. You can list all your audios & your listeners can listen to the audios of their choice using this feature.

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