How to start FM Radio Station in India?


Learn How to Start FM Radio Station- India. 100% Authentic  Step by Step Guide- 2020


100% Authentic Step by Step Guide on how to Start FM Radio Stations in India. 

In this article, you shall learn how to start an online FM radio station, build a radio online and Radio stations in India are getting boom due to Prime Minister Mr. Narendra`s exclusive use of Radio against TV for his program Maan Ki Baat. The reason behind this is that FM radio station is probably the world`s oldest & the first audio medium of communication through Air frequencies. It requires low resources & it is the best medium of Free communication. It is can be used easily in emergency situations, quick communication, etc. In this article, you shall learn how to start FM radio station or build your radio online

Ease of Setup: FM Radio versus Internet Radio

Since the FM radio frequency is very expensive, Riggro Digital has introduced Internet radio technology to empower every radio aspirant to start their Internet radio station. Uniquely, our online radio stations play at just 2 kbps per second. Thus many FM & Community Radios Stations are broadcasting their FM radio stations on our platforms.  They get several tools like automation & scheduling software with Auto DJ. This helps them to cut down their operational costs up to 90%.

They are using our radio hosting services and streaming audios on their FM radio stations connecting our android apps to their transmitters.  Cloud Automation & Internet radio Broadcasting Solutions for FM Radios

Riggro Digital has introduced the Internet radio technology

One of our clients, Radio parbhani, says “We are extremely happy using the cloud automation radio broadcasting services by Riggro Digital. Now not only have less human dependency but also we are able to cut down the operational cost of our FM radio cost online by 90%. To Start Online FM Radio Station or best FM radio, you have to get permission from MIB (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting India). No one is entitled to provide this license except for the MIB.

Riggro Digital has introduced the Internet radio technology

History of Internet radio stations

The first Internet radio in the words was founded in 1993. To date, we have developed the world’s best technologies. All the online radio stations powered by Riggro Digital are amongst across the globe.  We have over 3 million-plus users on our stations. All our radio stations can be found on various global radio platforms, websites & apps like radio. garden,,, Streema, TuneIn Radio, and  To start an Internet Radio Station, there is no license required from the MIB due to the fact there is no spectrum or no Frequency is required. The Internet Radios use the user’s web connection for which the consumer is already paying. So as of now, the MIB has nowhere stated any license for Starting an Internet Radio or Online Radio Station.

Know what is the FM Radio Bidding Procedure in India?

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting invited sealed Bids forms for expansion to start FM Radios in India through private agencies (Phase – II) as per TENDER No. 212/14/2005 – FM.

Expansion of FM radio stations in India-

Further, to expand more reach of FM Radio broadcasting in the country, the Government has embarked upon Phase III to enable setting up of private FM Radio channels in all cities with a population of more than 1 lakh. The bidding for which was approximately Rs. 50 Lakhs – up to Rs. 25 Cr depending upon the grades of the cities. Example- Mumbai, Nasik, Agra, etc.

Government has embarked upon Phase III to Expand FM Radio to setting up of private FM Radio channels

What are the Permissions and investments required to set up FM Radio Stations

Permission for the channels is granted on the basis of a Non-Refundable One Time Entry Fee (NOTEF). NOTEF is the capital investment for an FM Radio operator. NOTEF also includes annual license fees and operational expenses. In the same manner, Reserved Price (RP) or say bid prices for FM Radio channels in a city, largely depend upon the revenue generation potential of that particular city/coverage area. The Cabinet approved the RP for other 11 cities as Rs. 5 Lakhs as their population is less than 1 lakh and as these cities have their own strategic importance.

For new channels in existing FM Phase-II cities, the highest bid price received for that city in Phase-II.
And for new cities, Reserved Price will be calculated by various methods like Valuation of the FM Station, Valuation by GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product), Valuation based on Listener-ship, and Valuation based on revenue generation potential.

Permissions and investments required to setup FM Radio Stations


A total of 338 channels in 91 cities across the country are being made available for bidding by Indian private companies at this stage for FM Radio License. The list of cities along with categories and the number of channels in each city for bidding is available on this Ministry’s website
Every applicant shall be allowed to bid for only one FM Radio License per city provided that the total number of Channels allocated to an applicant shall not exceed the overall limit of 15% of the total Channels allocated in India.

Cities in India With FM Tower


Foreign Investment

In the applicant company, total foreign investment, including FDI by Overseas Corporate Bodies/Non – Resident Indians/Persons of Indian Origin, etc., portfolio investments by Foreign Institutional Investors (FII), within limits prescribed by RBI shall not exceed 20% of the paid-up equity in the entity, subject to the following conditions for FM Radio License in India

1:- One Indian individual or company owns more than 50% of the paid-up equity in the applicant entity excluding the equity held by banks and other lending institutions.
2:-  The majority shareholder exercises management control over the applicant entity.
3:-The applicant entity has only resident Indians as directors on the board.
4:- All key executive officers of the applicant entity are resident Indians.


The applicants who want to Start FM Radio Stations will be eligible to participate in bidding for Channels in all the four regions, their financial eligibility shall be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

Minimum Net Worth required for one Channel per City in each region :

§ D category Cities: Rs. 50 Lakh.
§ C category Cities: Rs. 1 Crore.
§ B category Cities: Rs. 2 Crore.
§ A or A+ category Cities: Rs. 3 Crore.
§ All Cities in all regions: Rs. 10 Crore.

The applicant company who wants to Start FM Radio Stations would be required to furnish annual reports and audited final accounts for the last three years, or in the case of a newly incorporated company, balance sheets from the date of incorporation till March 31, 2005.
An applicant company registered after March 31, 2005, shall have to demonstrate its net worth as on 30.9.2005.


  • Companies not incorporated in India.
  • Any company controlled by a person convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude or declared as insolvent or applied for being declared insolvent;
  • Company associate of or controlled by a Trust, Society or Non-Profit Organization;
  • A company controlled by or associated with a religious body;
  • Any company controlled by or associated with a political body;
  • The company which is functioning as an advertising agency or is an associate of an advertising agency or is controlled by an advertising agency or person associated with an advertising agency;
  • A subsidiary company of any applicant in the same City;
  • Holding company of any applicant in the same City;
  • Companies with the Same Management within a City;
  • More than one Inter-Connected Undertaking in the same City.
  • Any company that has been debarred from taking part in the bidding process by virtue of default in Phase – I or it’s an associate company with the same management.
  • The defaulters of conditions under Phase-I, who have contested the revocation of their Letters of Intent/License Agreements, thereby continue to be debarred from participating in any future bidding process as per Phase policy.

How to get best Internet Radio Hosting?

How to get best Internet Radio Hosting?
How to Get Free Shoutcast & Icecast Hosting?

100% dependable Internet Radio Hosting with Icecast and Shoutcast Servers.

We provide 100% dependable Internet Radio Hosting with Icecast and Shoutcast Servers for both Online radios as well as commercial FMCommunity radio stations (CRS). You not only get Auto DJ, FREE with but you also get Free Automation Software with our servers. Eventually this is what gives you the complete control for scheduling your music, shows, interviews etc.

Subscribe to our low priced plans & get the best free internet radio hosting along with bunch of services, Free. The services include broadcasting training, Android application, and automation broadcasting software with auto dj.

We guarantee your internet radio station with 99.99% uptime. So you can confidently stream your audio with our cost effectively cheap internet radio hosting. That means if you are a FM or a Community Radio Station (CRS), you can definitely depend our streaming servers. Moreover we also give you the world`s best automation & scheduling software FREE. Thus you can broadcast in sleep hours (00.00 to 5.00 AM) at no extra operational cost. Our radio servers empower your stations with powerful Bare metal cloud servers that ensure best in class audio broadcasting in Dolby HD Stereo & Ultra HD (Blu Ray Sound).

Get Complete Control of your station

Get Complete Control of your station

You get complete control of your radio station as our server software play your audio stream without buffering. However our streams even can play on basic internet connection, which the free radio servers cannot do so!

Subsequently our internet radio hosting servers ensure that your media is always Live & Rocking 24X7.  In short, all the human jobs are taken by our and radio server software.

Scheduling & Automation Software Riggro Cast V3

No. 1 Scheduling & Automation Software Riggro Cast V3

With our internet radio hosting servers, Now you can Save up 90% operational costs of your FM radio and Broadcast 365 days, nonstop. Riggro Digital empowers you with the world No. 1 &

most Powerful Scheduling and automation software, Riggro cast. This gives you the power of complete control of your station. You can easily plan all your music, shows, interviews, events etc in just few clicks.

We give you complete support on Smart phone and Studio Broadcast. Which means now you can broadcast from your smartphones mike without any sound proof or expensive gadgets.

So Get the Power of Riggro Digitals Powerful internet radio hosting Servers, Today! Call Now on- (91) 9757092220​

So Get the Power of Riggro Digitals Powerful internet radio hosting Servers

How to become a Radio Host DJ- A Radio Jockey?

Let your passion be your creator! The whole World will be your platform when you speak on your Online Radio! you can be your own boss & broadcast your own shows as a RJ. Once you order one of our servers, your online radio software gets activated along with with your servers. Furthur more you also get a Free Radio App.

We also give you free support on running your radio station including Free programming & radio jockey support.

How to become a Radio Host DJ?

Ever did you wonder “how to get into radio presenting or Become a RJ​

Once you opt for our Internet Radio Hosting we will give you Free Guidance’s on producing your shows as a Pro. RJ, Manage your play list for 24 hours clock, etc!​

Ever did you wonder “how to get into radio presenting or Become a RJ​

How to be a good Radio Jockey & a Radio personality?​

We can get you Rocking right from your Smart Phone with our Smart Radio Broadcasting or from your laptop from your car of any place!

How to be a good Radio Jockey & a Radio personality?​

How to get a job at a local radio station?​

Huhh! When you can be the owner of your own Radio station why would you want to do a Job? It would be so good to work for your own Radio, rather than working for someone else! Just imagine that you own “Radio XYZ” & the whole world is there to listen to you! Our Super easy tools shall help you to be the owner of your own Media!

So just ignore asking yourselves “How to get a job in radio broadcasting, rather be a Radio Jockey on when you start your own internet radio station!

How to Create Online Radio Station- Riggro Digital

earn How to Create Online Radio Station - Riggro Digital

Learn, How to Create Online Radio Station from Home (Updated Guide 2020)

earn How to Create Online Radio Station - Riggro Digital

Here is the coolest method to create your online Radio Station, Fast with Riggro Digital.

If you had ever dreamed to start an online radio station, but though it’s gonna be terribly difficult, then you are wrong! Here`s the World’s coolest method to create your online radio station, steps by step.

Start Now and get powerful Internet radio broadcasting Software – Riggro Cast Free ! Get incredibly simple yet most convenient tools to start, run & manage your online radio station, fast. So gear up & ready to rock the World with Worlds No. 1 online radio station creator- Riggro Digital! Start your Free Trial Now.

Follow the Simple Step By Step Guide:

How to Create an online radio station from home?

How to Create an online radio station from home?

Here’s A proven as well as 100% authentic guide to start an online radio station instantly & reach millions across the world. Our radio station apps come with a Free Poster Ad space from where you can generate revenue for your station. Herein, you can display posters, programme schedules, local events, advertisements etc. You can link these Poster ads to the clients’ website, FB, youtube, etc.  We give you a secured admin panel with a user ID & password. You can generate revenue by selling this premium ad space. Thus you can build an online radio station in minutes & make money, Fast.

To start an Internet Radio Station you need powerful internet radio broadcasting software, tools & powerful hosting servers. Therefore, we give you the power of our Four in One Internet radio Hosting servers. Our servers are powered with Free radio broadcasting software with Auto DJ! Thus we guarantee your station to be 99.99% Live and On-air, 24X7!

Online Radio streaming is the way of New & Powerful media in this age – it frees you from the limitations of traditional radio broadcasting.

Why choose to create an online radio station?

So far, we have had physical radio stations, with almost every small or big city having at least one, if not more. As the name clearly indicates, online radio station works through the internet. It is just like another website or a radio app accessible from any corner of the world, through the internet. Unlike a physical radio station, which often transmits programs with the irritating accompanying noise, the programs relayed by an online station are free of all undesirable noises and disturbances. The most convenient part of such stations is the fact that you could listen to your favorite program from anywhere. Just download your favorite Internet radio station and enjoy your preferred program anytime you like. To build an online radio station, simply subscribe & get the world`s best radio app, Free.

5 Important reasons to build an Online radio station?

1) It does not matter where you are situated in the world. You can reach people across the world!

2) The costs of broadcasting an internet radio station is much lesser than any traditional FM radio. You do not need to pay any spectrum charges to the Government of India. You just need to have a passion to build an online radio station.

3) You can offer more than audio – You can have interactivity with Images, newspapers & social media like: a Youtube channel, FB, Twitter, what’s app etc.

4) There is a wide range of content available to you, from various sources, especially free as well paid.! We guide you, how to get the legal content, Free!

5) We provide  Free Internet radio broadcasting Software with automation, scheduling and auto DJ.  Thus you can have a human-less broadcasting.

Minimum requirements you will need to start an internet radio station will include Laptop or a desktop, mixer, 2 microphones, digital audio card, and a streaming media server.


Since you don’t use spectrum form the Government of India to broadcast an Internet Radio, eventually web radio is 100% Legal! But, it is important to consider the music royalty to play content legally on your radio. Thus, you must communicate with the music licensing authorities.

Radio Cast- Powerful Internet radio broadcasting Software

Once you start a radio station online with Riggro Digital, you get powerful radio broadcasting Software with automation and auto DJ called Riggro Cast,Free. Riggro Cast comes with AI (Artificial Intelligence). It can do the work of 10 to 20 people, eventually saving you lot of operational cost like manpower, utility bills. It also reduces all the human jobs of scheduling your radio station daily! Simply upload your content, drag & drop and give it a command to schedule your programmes! That`s it! Thus, you can easily schedule your music, shows, and interviews, etc in a just few clicks. This not only saves lot of time but also gives you the ease & control of your online radio station. Certainly, it not only reduce human dependencies but also saves operational cost.

Radio Cast- Internet radio broadcasting Software

Get Free Training from Our FM Radio Professionals

Since we want all our stations to Rock, our professional Programming team gives Free training and support on starting, managing and running an internet radio station. Thus you handle your programming very easily and your radio sounds much professional & international. Our in-house radio experts have more than 20 years of experience in the FM Radios & CRS. So you get Free guidance on content generation, Live shows, editing, handling phone-in programs. You also get Free support in sales and marketing.

Eventually whether you are a one-man army or a full fledge Media House, it’s extremely easy to start & run your internet radio station with Riggro Digital (RD)!

Create your internet Radio Station & get Smartphone broadcasting app, Free

Your internet radio station comes with a Free Smartphone broadcasting facility. This is a very handy yet most powerful tool. You can do immediate & Live broadcasting in HD Sound quality with smart broadcast my self app. This is very helpful for Live shows, Community broadcast and Outdoor broadcasting (OB).
You can directly Go Live from your smartphone’s microphone! Thus, you skip the dependencies of the soundproof studios and gadgets! Smart Broadcast- Easily Broadcast Live Shows from SmartPhone App

So what are you waiting for? Get empowered with Riggro Digital`s powerful Internet Radio broadcasting softwares, Hosting servers and worlds best support.

Know the Radio Royalty Rates? What do you need a licence for?

Riggro Digital is a online radio streaming provider. Eventually we provide radio servers, radio broadcasting softwares & create applications. Riggro do not play any content on any radio station, neither including royalty, nor royalty free content. We recommend the radio operators to approach the music labels, artists or the connected organizations.

Ideally if you stream any music that is owned by any music company, artist, label or any organization, it is a rightful decision to obtain their permissions. One of the our Radio operators had tried to obtain music licence on web/ online or internet radio stations to PPL but they have  denied  to offer any licence. They had conveyed to contact the  music companies, directly.

PPL Licence- Gmail Response copy

There is another organization which can be approached for the music playing permissions- IPRS.

Some More basic facts about Music Royalty

Royalty Payments for Streaming & Physical Mediums.

  • Utilization By Cinematography Films On Physical Medium And Electronic Digital Medium By Sale-Download Renting Streaming
  • Internet Non Interactive Music Streaming Services
  • Internet Interactive Music Streaming Services
  • Karaoke Service on Internet
  • Utilization By Sound Recording On Physical Medium Or Electronic-Digital Medium By Sale-Electronic Digital Download. You can find more information on the Official Website of IPRS (Indian Performing Right  Society)-

Know Radio Royalty Rates

Do you have the aspirations to be a radio broadcaster?

Do you have aspirations to be a radio broadcaster? Then yes you can, not only create an internet radio station, but also create your own identity. You can be one amongst the top online radio broadcasters. Would you like to share your favorite tunes interspersed with a few words as to why you like them or share other tidbits of wisdom on the airwaves? While you can start your own TV channel with YouTube, or launch a podcast and you can easily create your internet radio station.

Process to Create an Internet radio Station

Three Parts: Setting Up Your Gear Configuring the Software Designing Your Station Community Q&A Internet radio stations are accessible from anywhere in the world. This makes it a popular service for expatriates and for listeners with interests not adequately served by local radio stations. Internet radio stations offer content across genres that are simulcast over the web.

Learn How to start internet radio station legally from Home in 2020 (Free Step-By-Step Guide) | Riggro Digital

Learn- How to start internet radio station legally from Home in 2020 (Free Step-By-Step Guide) | Riggro Digital

How to Start Internet Radio Station legally from Home in 2020 (Updated Step-By-Step Guide)

Learn How to Start Internet Radio Station legally in 2020 (100% Authentic Step-By-Step Guide)Start & Expand your reach from your town to the other side of the world. There are endless possibilities for having your own Internet Radio Station. Learn How To Start Broadcasting Legally from Home Step by Step! Furthermore, you will learn How to Start & Run your Online Radio Station from scratch & convert your Dream into a profitable Business! So Start your own Internet Radio Station, now with Riggro Digital & be your own Boss.

9 Advanced Steps to Start & Create your Online Radio Station

In this Step by Step guide you shall Learn in-depth right from deciding your Radio Concept, Name, Designing a Logo, to Legalities, Radio programming, Internet Radio Broadcasting Softwares, On-Air Studio Equipments & more.

Step No. 1. Learn How to decide your concept 

Before Setting up your Internet Radio Station, you must analyze the concept of your Station. This is where your story begins!

Ask these questions to yourselves before you Start:

  • What`s your Online Radio concept?
  • Who’s your target audience?
  • Who’s your community & what content you are going to Broadcast?
  • Are you going to play songs or is it going to be a talk Radio?
  • Will you have Radio Jockeys or you shall Stream recorded content?
  • Which Internet Radio Broadcasting Software are you going to use?

Examples of Radio Concepts

Concept # 1.1 Students driven Online Radio Station:

To Broadcast Educational, Motivational & Career Related content. If you are an education institution, then it’s a brilliant thought to Create an Online Radio Station for your student’s community. Check Out Radio MPSC Guru on the Google Play Store.

Concept # 1.2 Spiritual Online Radio Station:

If you wish to reach specific Listeners, then the easiest way to reach them is to Start their Radio Station. Most communities are well connected with spiritualism. They can, not only get to hear good teachings of but also stay connected together. The best example is Radio Jai Jinendra and the Christian Visionary Radio on Google Play. So you can Create such Radio Station Online.

Spiritual Community Online Radio Station:

Concept # 1.3 Language & Dialect based Radio Station:

Bhojpuri is an official language of Nepal and a minority language in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, South Africa, and Mauritius. It is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in northern-eastern India and the Terai region of Nepal. So there is a huge Listeners base scope. You can Create such an Internet Radio Station. Checkout Bhojpuri Radio on the Google Play Store called Radio Prabhat.

Another example is a youth Online Radio Station from Solan, Himachal Pradesh called – Radio Hills- “Youngistan Ka Dil”

Concept # 1.4 Women’s Online Radio Station:

In particular, Starting an Internet Radio for the Women’s community can be a Great thought. Prominently, this Radio can engage, share, discuss, exchange ideas & knowledge. In this context please check out India’s 1st Women`s Radio developed by Riggro Digital called Radio Ragini on the Google Play. Similarly, you can also Start Streaming your Online Radio Station with Riggro Digitals- India’s 1st and No. # 1 Broadcaster.

Radio Raagini- Womens Online Community Radio Station

Concept # 1.5 Knowledge-based Internet Radio

Shirwal is a small town located 40 km from Pune. Mr. Nilesh always wondered How To Start an Internet Radio that’s completely focused on knowledge sharing? Since Online Radio can Stream on the least resources, he thought to Create an Online Radio Station called Shirwal Radio- “Spread The Knowledge”. The focus was his villagers & the knowledge aspiring community.

Step No. 2. Learn How to decide Name & Logo

Before you plan to Start Streaming Online, you must remember few things! Its most important to explore different names that best describe your concept! You must choose a name that can reflect the identity of your Online Radio. For doing so, you may consider the specialties in your area. For Instance, it may be the name of your town or something that connects with your Listeners. Example: Food, cultures, dialect, person name, a word that is associated with you. Moreover, choose a tagline with a creative rhyme.

Learn How To Design a Stunning Logo: Before you Start, remember that you must make a creative yet Simple logo. Notably, you must choose an appealing yet simple font! Create a design that instantly describes your brand. On the other hand, remember not to choose fancy or complicated fonts. Besides, Focus on readability & boldness. You may refer to our Logo designs; Here.

Step No 4. Learn How To Play Royalty-Free Music or Content:

If you wish to Stream Royalty music, then you can certainly play it that by requesting the content owners to grant you rights. You can approach smaller brands, YouTubers & upcoming artists who also need a platform to promote their music. Riggro Digital has several clients who play Royalty-Free Music. The other option is to pay their Royalty fees to play their Music. You can bargain with them to charge the lowest Music Royalty.

What is the Option for Playing Music? Bollywood Songs are easily available on Google. Apart from Listening to Music listeners nowadays want to hear informative programs on the Radio. Eventually, this can be a great opportunity for you to make a Talk Radio. Eventually, you can invite your Listeners to Record & Broadcast their programs. You may get Free content websites like; & YouTube.

Learn How to Select Topics to Create Programs: There are several topics available around you. The best example is a group of women who don’t need a topic to talk (LOL). They can talk nonstop! Plan out your daily programs and accordingly invite or go amongst your communities to record their programs on the different topics that you care about. Eventually, you can make your Listeners happy, by Broadcasting their programs on their Radio.

Examples: History of the town, sharing the memories of your city by senior citizens, personal life experiences of successful people, topics by Doctors, guidance by lawyers, ask the mechanics about the maintenance of vehicles, etc.

Step No. 3. Knowing about our Radio Hosting 

Riggro Digital offers the World’s Best Internet Radio Hosting with amazing Features.  Our Streaming plans include Free Shoutcast and Icecast Servers. You can Start your Radio career at just Rs. 700/Month. Furthermore, if you aspire to Broadcast on a Bigger scale we suggest you to choose our Professional Plans that Start at just Rs. 5500/Month. Our Unlimited Plans Start from Rs. 7500/Month upto Rs.12500/Month. Thus we have everything for everyone. So gear up to Rock the World with the power of 4 in 1 Servers by Riggro Digital & Create your Online Radio Station Now.

What is Shoutcast and Icecast Hosting:

SHOUTcast DNAS is cross-platform proprietary software for streaming media over the Internet. It allows digital audio content, primarily in MP3 or High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding format, to be broadcast to and from media player software, enabling the creation of Internet Radio Stations”.

What is Icecast Hosting: Icecast is a streaming server, which can stream audio (and video) to Listeners. Audio Format supported- Ogg (Vorbis, Theora), Opus, FLAC, and WebM (VP8/VP9).

Step 4. Get the World’s Best Internet Radio Broadcasting Software – Riggro Cast Free

Riggro Digital offers all the necessary tools you need to Create, Run & Manage your Online Radio Station. Get Powerful Riggro Cast, Radio Broadcasting Software with Automation & Auto DJ, Free. Riggro Cast can not only Broadcast & Schedule your Music & content seamlessly on the cloud but also sound like a professional FM Radio Station. It comes with easy drag & drop options including powerful Tools like General Rotation, Interval, Immediate and Scheduled. So now its the time to Start uploading your Music and content and Start your Server.

Step 5. Learn How to Setup Internet Radio Studio

Riggro Digital not only supports you to Start your Online Radio but also assists to Setup your Recording & Broadcasting Studio. We also assist you to buy the best and inexpensive equipment. Our Hosting Servers come along with professional Broadcasting Software with Automation & Auto DJ. We offer you Free Radio Programming Training. Thus you can Start, Run & Broadcast your Internet Radio Station just like any FM Radio Station.

Step 6. Learn How to upload, Schedule and Broadcasting your content 

In the first place, to Broadcast, it’s important to upload your Music and Content on Riggro Cast- Your Internet Radio Broadcasting Software. Once this is done, its time to Start your Radio Server. Additionally, you can upload Radio properties like capsules, sparklers and station identification & make your station Sound very crispy like a Pro. Specifically, you can also Create separate Auto DJ accounts for your RJs according to their Show Schedules. Thus your RJ’s can upload their content and schedule their own shows as per their Show times.

Step 7. Riggro Cast- Real  Time Monitoring 

Your Radio comes with the best Online Radio broadcasting software and loads of monitoring tools called Riggro Cast.

Riggro Cast- Real Time Monitoring internet radio broadcasting Software

In General, It is super easy to monitor the count of live Listeners, total unique Listeners, countries, and more with our Broadcast tools. This eventually helps to understand the number of Listeners connected there during Live shows. In addition, several other Live statistics and reports can also be generated in just one click. So Create your Online Radio Station trust on Your Radio Streaming Software with Riggro Digital

Riggro Cast- Real Time Monitoring internet radio broadcasting Software

Step 8. Get Free Radio App

Get fully-featured Android Application Free which comes along with several features like monetization, social page, news tab, direct WhatsApp share, etc which eventually helps you to reach your communities across the world.

Get fully-featured Android application Free

Step 9. Get Free Google Play Store Listing

Once your Android app is ready we Create your store listing & rollout your App on the Google Play Store. That means we upload your Radio App on the Google Play Store. This eventually helps you to share your App on WhatsApp & grow your listeners Globally.

Your Radio App on the Google Play Store.

Learn how to Start Your Internet Radio Station and Make Money?

We believe that you must make money from your Web Radio Station. So importantly, you get a fully-featured Radio-App that comes along with an important monetizable feature to generate revenue. Thus, you can upload your poster ads on your Radio-App from a dedicated admin panel. Most considerably, you can make money from this premium space. Specifically, you can display your local advertisements, birthday, anniversary wishes, program schedules, upcoming events from the local shops & businesses. So get all the tools for your Internet Radio station & make Money, fast. Start Now!

Our Internet Radio Broadcasting Success Stories Shall definitely Help you(Clients Testimonials):

Client # 1. Radio Vrishti- “Laye Jeevan Me Mishti”

Mr. Raunak had several doubts about Internet Radio Broadcasting. Correspondingly he had asked- How to get the Best Internet Radio Hosting Server?” On the positive side, Riggro Digital started his Online Radio Station called- Radio Vrishti. Below is the clients’ testimony:

“I tried so many options but eventually Riggro Digital is the Best. They supported my radio passion to a career. I not only started my Online Radio but also the World`s Best Radio Hosting server & Software! Love you Riggro Digital ” – Ronak Siddharth, Radio Vrishti, Gorakhpur, India.

Radio Vrishti- "Laye Jeevan Me Mishti"

Client # 2. Live Waves Radio (United Kingdom)

Mr. Gilbert had asked –“How to Start an Internet Radio Station in the UK?” Riggro Digital helped him & started Life waves Radio. Below is the Gilbert’s Review after starting his Web Radio.

I was confused about setting up an Internet Radio station? But eventually Rigrro Digital guided me Step by Step. Moreover, I even got the Best Radio Broadcasting Software. Now my Radio is at the top of the charts in UK. Thanks, Riggro Digital.” – Mr. Gilbert Rosario, United Kingdom (UK)

Live Waves Radio (United Kingdom) - Riggro Digital

Client # 3. Radio Raagini, Baramati (Pune) India

Miss Raajashri wanted the Best Internet Radio Broadcasting Software for her Online Radio Station. Riggro Digital started Radio Ragini- India’s 1st Women’s Online Radio Station. Below are her honest reviews.

“I had a very low budget yet i wanted the Best Internet Radio Broadcasting in India.  However, Riggro Digital gave me all the tools including the Powerful live Audio Streaming Software. As a result, My radio station is rocking. Thank you Riggro Digital” – Mis.Raajashri Dinkar Agam,President, Raagini Foundation & Radio Raagini, Baramati ( Pune) India.

Why Online Radio is Better than TV, YouTube or a News paper?

  1. You can Listen to a Radio all though you may be busy doing any work. Example: Reading, eating, jogging, running, during workout, traveling, sleeping, working & more. Moreover you can Listen to our Education Radios & even appear for your competitive exams- Radio MPSC GURU & Radio Espalier. Apart, most importantly, a Radio is an completely unpredictable media. It raises suspense on  Whats Coming Up! That is the reason which makes it very unique. Most amazingly just imagine while your driving, you hear some very interesting content on knowledge like; ” How Google came into existence,  what’s the technology behind touch screens, etc.” Moreover you can do everything & you can hear interesting facts, News, etc, still without disturbing your workflow. The same content may be available on TV or YouTube Channel but you have to spend your time on that. It will also interrupt your work in hand. Now, It is very clear that TV, as well as YouTube Channel both, are a visual medium and in any visual medium, you have to engage your eyes, mind & your self to grab information from it. On the contrary a Radio is the only medium where you at no extra effort can grasp all the information just by Listening. It is also a very primitive medium in the world of technology by which you can spread your knowledge, information with your Listeners worlwide..