Who Invented the Radio?

Who Invented Radio in India?

Terrestrial broadcasting began in India approximately thirteen years before the establishment of (Akashvani) AIR. The Radio Club of Bombay telecasted India’s first broadcast in June 1923. Just five months later, this was followed by the creation of the Calcutta Radio Club. Later, the Indian Broadcasting Company (IBC) was founded on the 23rd of July 1927. But in vain, it went bankrupt in less than three years.

The History of Radio in India

The Indian Broadcasting Service, which was run by the Dept. of Industries and Labour, began operations on a trial basis in April 1930. In August 1935, Lionel Fielden was assigned to handle the broadcasting. Later that month, another radio station, called Akashvani Mysore was established. The Indian State Broadcasting Service was renamed All India Radio on June 8, 1936.

How did radio come to India?

CNO, or The Central News Organization, was established in August 1937. AIR was first transferred to the Department of Communications this year, and after four years, it was transferred to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. After independence, India had six radio stations: Calcutta, Bombay, Delhi, Tiruchirappalli, Lucknow, and Madras. There were three radio stations established in Pakistan: Peshawar, Lahore, and Dacca. The Indian National Broadcaster was named AKASHVANI in 1956. The Vividh Bharati Service debuted in 1957, with a primary focus on popular film music.

How it has Evolved Over the Years

The Akashvani, or All-India Radio,’s tremendous growth has increased it to the world’s biggest radio network. The AIR never looked back and kept growing generously with a radio network of 262 stations across India! Apparently, AIR now reaches nearly the entire population and nearly 92% of the total area in 23 languages and 146 dialects, catering to a diverse socioeconomic and cultural population.

Broadcasting Indias Biggest News Audio Network

All India Radio’s News Services Division broadcasts 647 bulletins daily for a total of nearly 56 hours in approximately 90 languages/dialogues in Home, Regional, External, and DTH Services. On an hourly basis, 314 news headlines are broadcast on FM mode by 41 AIR Stations. 469 daily news bulletins in 75 languages are produced by 44 Regional News Units. In addition to daily news bulletins, the News Services Division produces a variety of news-based programs on current events from Delhi and its Regional News Units.

Spread of AIR FM Radio Network

AIR company runs 18 FM stereo channels known as AIR FM Rainbow, which also aim at an urban audience in a unique presentation style. Four additional FM channels, AIR FM Gold, broadcast a mix of news and entertainment programming from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai. With the FM wave sweeping the country, AIR is beefing up its Medium Wave transmission with new FM transmitters at regional stations.

DRM, or Digital Radio Mondiale

In accordance with the government’s decision to transition to digital transmission, AIR is transitioning from analog to digital in stages. DRM, or Digital Radio Mondiale, is the technology used. With the goal of going complete digitization, the Govt decided to go Digital by 2017. Listeners can expect greatly improved transmission quality in the near future whn DRM is launched

What exactly is a radio definition?

Radio is a form of sound communication via radio waves, typically through the transmission of music, news, and other types of programs from a single broadcast station to a large number of individual listeners equipped with radio receivers.

Conclusion: The Future of Indian Radio

There are endless possibilities with Radio Broadcasting and will only grow in the future. In India, online radio stations, community radio stations & FM radio stations are spread all over the country. Radio advertisements are typically less expensive than television advertisements. Advertisers have the ability to target listeners based on time, geographic location, channel, and program. Broad coverage: Radio programming is heard by millions of people across the country.

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